Student Life Prize 2018: Jens Masimov

Student Life Prize poster 2018.jpg

Each year, students of The Glasgow School of Art get the chance to nominate one of their peers for what they recognise as “an outstanding contribution to student life”.

The 2018 Friends of Glasgow School of Art Student Life Prize was awarded to Fine Art Photography graduate, Jens Masimov.

He does not expect recognition for any of his time or effort yet continually is a driving force and activist behind many student led communities, societies and exhibitions. Always behind the scenes, he is encouraging and able to share his skillset, knowledge and experience to facilitate in a non patronising, helpful, and positive way. He uses his voice in political situations regarding GSA, including helping organise 25% EXTRA, a SoFA cross disciplinary exhibition in the Laurieston Arches, bringing together many students who were unhappy with the school policies, in a productive and positive outcome. In addition to this, his presence in various societies is felt throughout the school, including helping with the People Of Colour Society’s ‘In Residence’ exhibition, working with a safe(r) spaces policy to make the opening night feel inclusive. His work with Hill 52, the student radio has encouraged many new and returning students to try something new, and feel included, including helping running workshops to show new members how to use equipment, and maintaining relationships with the GSASA to ensure that the society is active and has technical expertise. At hand In addition to the work with Hill52, Jens also organises and helps facilitate club nights and fundraising events at The Art School, working closely with the sabbatical team and fellow students to create nights that appeal to as many students as possible in a fun, safe, and diverse setting. Some of these club nights include Career’s Service, Subcity X Hill52, Freshers fundraiser, ZOOM (live electronic music) and Shygirl & Lyzza.

There is not one momentary event that qualifies Jens for the Student Life Prize, but his continual and consistent work with the Student’s Association and with other students to facilitate events and moments with have reached and amplified many student experiences in his time at GSA.

The award was formally announced at this year’s Graduation ceremony by the President of The Glasgow School of Art Students’ Association (The Art School) by Laura Glennie. We would like to take this opportunity to formally thank Laura and her team for the essential work they do for the students and the School.

Congratulations, again, to Jens, and thank you to all those students who submitted nominations, the panel that voted and all the GSASA staff that helped get everything in place for this year’s prize.

David Mullane