Supporting GSA at Graduate Fashion week 2018


For the first time ever Friends of GSA have provided financial support that enabled the GSA to have a space at the 2018 graduates fashion show at the Truman Brewery in London. The event features 5000 final year students, 107 courses from across the UK, 500 catwalk collections with 32 different award categories to win.

For the last two years Friends of GSA has provided financial support that enabled the GSA to have a space at the Graduates Fashion Show at the Truman Brewery in London. The events featured 5000 final year students, 107 courses from across the UK and 500 catwalk collections with 32 different award categories to win. 

Tony Brotheridge, Leader in Fashion at the GSA, talks about the 2018 show:

The Glasgow School of Art had a very successful show at the Graduate Fashion Week held in London.With the generous help received from the Friends of GSA we managed to raise enough funds to showcase the students work on the GFW catwalk presentations. These slots are very much sort after with every school going through a vigorous judging panel before being given this opportunity.The student collections were very well received both on the catwalks and on the static exhibition space which showcased the students garments and portfolio’s. This enables the fashion industry and any possible future students to scrutinise the creative talent and level of craftsmanship that is being produced by the school. The funding meant that the students secured more money from GSA without which the level of showcases the work wouldn’t have been possible. Your very kind offer was a greatly appreciated by the students and helped towards the cost of models, stand hire, display units, mannequins along with all of the artwork and posters all of which are paid for by the money raised by the students. Even the van hire to transport all of this is paid for by the students.”

“We received fantastic feedback from the organisers from GFW and individual mentions from the likes of Hilary Alexander (Telegraph Fashion Editor) and Sarah Mower (Vogue contributor, British Fashion Council Newgen committee member). One students was approached by Alister Mackie (creative director of Another Magazine) who was interested in using the students work for the cover of Another Man magazine. 

Sarah Mower sighted us as being the best thing at the 2018 Graduate Fashion Week.

She further endorsed this with a personal visit to the school to see what makes GSA fashion so different to what is generally on offer at this event.

Her response to the students work and the conversations she had with them further enforced her belief in GSA as a viable attractive alternative to the much larger, UK and London established fashion schools.

Sarah also cited that it was the fantastic show she had seen in London (supported by the Friends of GSA) that drew her up to Glasgow for a visit to see for herself what we do.

 The 2018 graduates also manage to gain fantastic positions in company’s such as Viktor & Rolf, Tata Naka, Charles Jeffery and Stowers Tailors on Savile Row.

Two students were also offered places on the RCA master’s fashion programme which is fantastic for a cohort of 10.

 Student work also featured in GQ magazine, the fashion edition, two spreads in Another Man magazine and a special feature in Fuse magazine on Clancy who successfully secured a job on Savile Row.

 I’ve got to forward a huge thank you to you all for your support from the students who were delighted and your contribution did make a real difference in showcases their talent.”

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David Mullane