GSA Summer Exhibition

Summer exhibtion.jpg

Running alongside the Degree Show is the Summer Exhibition of original artwork produced by students from GSA’s Widening Participation and Portfolio Preparation programmes in 2018/19.

As part of this exhibition we were delighted to share news that Friends of GSA supported exciting new prizes.

The Garnethill Community Prize: This prize was voted for by the local community over the course of the exhibition. The three artists with the highest number of votes each received £100:

Niamh Wright
Jonathon Sinclair
Alice Feeney

The Garnethill Multicultural Centre Purchase Prize
: The two winning artworks, selected by the Garnethill Multicultural Centre Council, were purchased by Friends of GSA and gifted tor permanent display within the Multicultural Centre on Dalhousie Street. THe winnig artists were:

Alex Clorley
Sarah Devlin

We are extremely excited to be able to have supported both the students on the programmes and the local community through these new prizes. All five winners announcements were made at the closing event of this exhibition which took place on Thursday 6th June.

David Mullane